Holiday Coffee at Home

Holiday Coffee at Home

  1. Look for festive coffee options

As the seasons are changing, so should your coffees! Coffees like our Best Selling Holiday Blend are perfect to share with your loved ones. The perfect blend of Brazil, Peru, and India is a real crowd pleaser with its spice, chocolate, vanilla, and honey. The perfect coffee to share around the fireplace, kitchen table, or anywhere with holiday cheer!

  1. Create a warm welcoming space

The intoxicating smell of coffee is loved by many. If you are looking for a fast way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, just Brew it! Just make sure you have enough coffee on hand, because once your guests catch the sweet aroma of a fresh brewed batch ~especially our holiday blend~ everyone will want a cup!!!! Or Two or Three!

  1. Perfect your Brew

When you enjoy a cup with your friends and family, you only want the best right? Well luck for you, when you begin with high-quality coffee, it's easy to brew a rich and flavorful cup. Be sure to use fresh cool water paired with the correct grind setting for your coffee brewing device. Always check the packaging for recommended instructions and proportions. The suggested ratio for a lot of medium to dark roast coffees is 2 tablespoons (28.3 grams)  of ground coffee for every 6 ounces (170.10 grams) of water.

  1. Customize your cup with flavor filled fun!

Our cocoa tubes make for memorable holiday gifts! Create a mocha on the go with our cocoa tube with coffee! Our white cocoa, hot cocoa, and dark cocoa are great solo or added to your favorite cup of coffee. Be sure to grab one for a teacher gift, friend or family member, or stocking stuffer! Pair it with a bag of Holiday blend for the ultimate gift bundle.

  1. Create Fun DIY products!

Our cocoa and a a cocoa bomb mold make for the best gift to do a family DIY project. 

  1. Pair your cup using thoughtfulness

When it comes to pairing exceptional coffee with good food for your holiday festivities, there is a simple trick: look at tasting notes on the coffee packaging. You want to look for maple, cocoa, spice, caramel notes to pair with cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, pound cake, and more. You can pair things like our pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin bread, poundcake, and cookies!

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